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Avaya Business Phone Systems

Avaya Solutions

Avaya Solutions

Avaya IP Office is the core communications Avaya Solutions platform supporting unified communications and contact center solutions for small to midsize enterprise.

Avaya Aura™ is the core communications platform supporting unified communications and contact center solutions for  midsize  to large enterprises. It extends Communication Manager and enables SIP-based session management with innovative and powerful capabilities.


Avaya Solutions

Avaya IP Office (analog, T1, & SIP) (8 to 360 stations)

Avaya IP Office is an all-in-one solution specially designed to meet the communications challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses. Due to its modular design, the solution can scale from 2 to 360 extensions to meet the needs of home offices, stand-alone businesses, and networked branch and head offices. Built on Avaya’s latest advancements in converged voice and data technology, small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from many of the advantages sophisticated communications deliver to their operations.


Avaya CallPilot – Nortel CallPilot Unified Messaging

Avaya Callpilot

Avaya CallPilot

CallPilot is a unified messaging application for businesses using Norstar, Meridian 1 PBX phone systems, Meridian SL-100, Succession 1000, Business Communications Manager, and CPE Centrex systems. It combines voicemail, e-mail and fax messages into a single mailbox — accessible by phone or any browser-enabled PC. CallPilot Unified messaging provides a compelling solution for businesses that are looking at reducing costs, improving productivity, and staying connected to their customers and suppliers.

Avaya Communication Manager S8x00 – (800 to 50000 stations)

Avaya Media Servers and Avaya Media Gateways work together with Avaya MultiVantage Software and Avaya IP Telephones to deliver the many advantages of IP telephony over your existing data network. Using a single network to handle both voice and data communication can save you time and money by simplifying network administration and eliminating the need to buy and maintain two separate networks. Sending voice calls over your data network can reduce public network long distance charges a particular advantage in international calling. In addition, because these hardware components adhere to widely accepted standards, they make it easier to deploy applications such as unified messaging and customer relationship management across a multi-vendor data network. Their compatibility with the most popular application program interfaces encourages third-party developers to create useful new applications.

Avaya Aura™ is the core communications platform supporting unified communications and contact center solutions for midsize to large enterprises. It extends Communication Manager and enables SIP-based session management with innovative and powerful capabilities. Leveraging a revolutionary SIP architecture and virtualization technology, Avaya Aura simplifies complex networks and reduces infrastructure costs. Employees at any location can be connected regardless of the infrastructure the endpoints reside on. Avaya Aura enables faster and easier deployment of communications capabilities such as voice, video, messaging, and presence. As a result, productivity and business agility can be increased. Branch, Standard, and Enterprise Editions offer simple per user licensing. Additional software and hardware are offered to support various levels of scalability and redundancy.


Avaya PBX Phone Systems – (50 to 5000 stations)

As part of the Avaya™ Enterprise Class IP Solutions (ECLIPS) portfolio, the DEFINITY® Servers—powered by Avaya MultiVantage™ Software—deliver a full range of global communications capabilities to help your enterprise meet its goals for increased productivity, customer care, and network efficiency. These premier voice and data solutions are designed to simplify your move to a converged communications network while protecting the investments you have in place.

Avaya Radvision

Avaya Radvision

avaya radvision

Avaya Radvision  Video and Data Conference With Your Mobile Device

Avaya Radvision SCOPIA Mobile is the first enterprise application for the Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® that allows mobile users to connect with full video, audio and H.239 data collaboration to the nearly 2 million installed standards-based video conferencing and telepresence systems worldwide.

Avaya Radvision SCOPIA Mobile users will be able to fully participate in enterprise video and telepresence conferences leveraging the latest mobile devices extending enterprise video conferencing and telepresence to nearly anywhere someone goes with their mobile device.

SCOPIA Mobile Highlights:

Avaya Radvision – Video Conferencing
Participate in standards-based video conferences with full two-way video capabilities and see up to 28 participants simultaneously.  Through SCOPIA video infrastructure, SCOPIA Mobile can connect to telepresence systems, standards-based HD video conferencing systems and unified communications applications such as Microsoft Lync for unmatched interoperability.

Avaya Radvision –Data Collaboration with Review
View presentations, spreadsheets, documents and images shared in a conference with standards-based H.239 interoperable data collaboration and be fully engaged as if attending on a video conferencing room system. Participants can also review previously shared materials without interrupting the presenter using RADVISION’s unique advanced data collaboration / slider function.

Avaya Radvision –Control, Moderate and Administer Meetings
Start or stop recording or streaming, lock a conference or end the meeting. View the participants list and mute noisy users, stop cameras or simply disconnect unwanted participants. Change video layouts including rearranging participants through the simple Multi-Touch™ enabled interface. View statistics such as codecs in use, resolution, network speed and loss for troubleshooting.

Avaya Radvision –Easy to Join and Invite Others
Easily join video conferences directly from clicking an email link or through a mobile device calendar; access a company directory to invite attendees, including Microsoft Lync users – all enabled by RADVISION’s advanced enterprise integration.  Additionally invite guest phones and video systems by their number or address.

Avaya Radvision –Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi Capable
Video conference almost anywhere through mobile broadband or Wi-Fi making it a highly effective tool for business travelers.  RADVISION’s NetSense bandwidth estimation and adaptation technology ensures high quality on mobile networks.

Avaya Radvision




Avaya Contact Center and IVR Applications

The Avaya Contact Center provides a total solution for your sales and service needs.

Building on the performance and flexibility of the DEFINITY Enterprise Communications Server, you can select from a powerful assortment of features, capabilities, and applications specially designed to enhance call center operations.

Avaya PBX Communication Manager Maintenance and Support

Avaya offers two options in software support:

  1. Software Support provides your organization with 24×7 trouble support, diagnosis and resolution for major outages, helping to achieve highly reliable communications for your workers and your customers. With Software Support, you have access to online ticketing, documentation and self-service tools, like InSite Knowledge Management, and HealthCheck, which allows you to run your own diagnostic scans to identify configuration faults that could cause trouble down the road.
  2. Software Support Plus Upgrades(SSU) provides Software Support plus automatic access to all major software updates and a three-year subscription to all major software upgrades. you avoid the uncertainty and concerns of budgeting for major software releases as they become available each time you want to future-proof your Avaya communications applications for tangible business benefits.

Avaya Modular Messaging

INTUITYTM Voice Processing Solutions

Complete multi-media messaging to enhance the productivity of every company employee.


  • OCTEL 50
  • OCTEL 100
  • OCTEL 200-300
  • OCTEL 250-350

Modular Messaging

The Modular Messaging application provides a single interface to your voice, e-mail and fax messages. You can retrieve, respond to, and manage all of your communications from a touch-tone telephone, multimedia PC, or Internet connection. You have the power of voice mail at your desktop via Microsoft Outlook® and the Avaya Voice Form, which allow you to play your voice messages on your PC or through any telephone, and reply with a voice message or with e-mail.