Voice and data cabling solutions

Hi Country Wire & Telephone is a comprehensive cabling company.

We are competent in fabricating, designing, and building computer, voice, and data cabling. We have completed many vertical and horizontal cabling systems, with Cat 3, Cat 5E, Cat 6, or Fiber Optic (Multi or Single Modes). Whether it’s for a single site or connecting several buildings, Hi Country has the experience in providing untouchable quality cabling solutions. From cabling entire campuses to repairing the single broken data outlet, Hi Country Wire and Telephone with the prominent quality products like PANDUIT and ComCables  can keep your computers and phones connected.  We offer a comprehensive array of cabling products. Please contact us at 1-800-845-6780 or by email at Sales or Services if we can be of help to your firm.

voice and data cabling

Here are some commonly accepted voice and data cabling architectural symbols

http://archtoolbox.com/images/materials/elect/phone.gif– single digital telephone jack

Wall Telephone Jack– wall mounted telephone jack

Data Jack– single data/VoIP jack

Combination Telephone and Data Jack– combination digital telephone & data jack

Speaker– speaker