A Denver Phone Company, HCWT, completes deployment of a Nortel VoIP system in Baghdad, IRAQ

ARVADA – Hi Country Wire and Telephone, an metro-Denver based and veteran owned phone company, has completed its deployment of a Nortel Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for a defense contracting company at the Coalition Provisional Authority Palace in Baghdad, Iraq. The VoIP phone system, a Nortel CSE1000 system, enables the defense contractor to place extension to extension and local U.S. based phone calls using the company’s data network connection between the Baghdad location and an undisclosed location on the U.S. East Coast.

The CSE1000, which was deployed in partnership with Hughes Networks Systems and Mobil Communications Systems, uses three different components of the defense contractor’s network in order for calls to be completed. Calls from Baghdad are first converted to internet protocol and traverse a satellite communication link to Dubai, UAE. From Dubai the VoIP traffic moves along a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to New York, New York. Finally, the last segment of the VoIP link is a private line T1 connection to the defense contractor’s site along the U.S East Coast. (see the diagram below).

The Nortel CSE1000, selected as the VoIP product of choice by the defense contractor, was assembled and programmed at Hi Country Wire and Telephone’s Arvada headquarters and then shipped as a complete and rack-mounted system to the Green-Zone in Baghdad. The project was coordinated by Joe Joyce, one of Hi Country’s key account executives.

Hi Country Wire and Telephone is a supplier of business phone systems, phone service, voice mail, and internet access. Hi Country, owned by Robert Whitfield Sr., is currently servicing numerous Federal, State, and Local Government agencies along with government contractors and businesses of all sizes. More information on Hi Country Wire and Telephone can be obtained at www.hcwt.com.

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