Integrating Avaya IP Office with Avaya Scopia Videoconferencing

Avaya Scopia

Avaya IP Office is a telephony solution for the SMB organizations (up to 1000 users), providing easy communication for users inside the organization’s private network.

If your organization has between 250 and 1000 employees, we recommend integrating with the Centralized Videoconferencing Solution (Solution 2: Complete Centralized Videoconferencing).

The benefits of integrating IP Office with the Centralized Videoconferencing Solution are:

  • Point-to-point calls and conferences between Avaya endpoints and Scopia Solution endpoints both inside and outside the private network.
  • Unlimited capacity for video conferences
  • Video conferences with full HD video experience using Scopia Elite MCU
  • Scheduling and resource management

You can schedule meetings using integration with Microsoft Outlook, furthermore, you can customize meeting invitations to include dialing information for Avaya endpoints.

  • Connecting remote users with high-end video using Scopia Desktop and Scopia Mobile.
  • Virtual room functionality
  • High-end video experience

Figure Integrating Avaya IP Office with Radvision Centralized Videoconferencing Solution

avaya scopia solution avaya IPOffice integration

Avaya Scopia

In this solution, Avaya Scopia Management is connected to IP Office using SIP, while being connected to Scopia Solution components using H.323. The Scopia Management is connected to the Avaya Scopia Elite MCU using both SIP and H.323 to allow Avaya SIP endpoints to participate in videoconferences hosted on the Avaya Scopia Elite MCU.

Scopia XT Series endpoints are registered as H.323 endpoints to the Avaya Scopia Gatekeeper (part of Avaya Scopia Management), and also to IP Office via native SIP registration.

Communicating with remote H.323 and H.460 endpoints outside the organization is performed via Avaya Scopia PathFinder Server. Avaya Scopia Desktop Clients and Avaya Scopia Mobile devices have their own built-in firewall traversal feature and are connected directly to the Avaya Scopia Desktop Server located in the DMZ.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this solution.

Avaya Scopia