Telesphere VoIP Hosted VoIP PBX Solutions for the entire USA.

Telesphere VoIP Hosted PBX

telesphere voip hosted pbx

Free your business from the hassle of confusing communications hardware and costly maintenance with a cloud-based solution from Telesphere. From fully hosted PBX technology to private SIP trunking through an existing PBX solution, Telesphere has a dynamic communications solution for businesses of any size. Here is a video that describes the tremendous benefits of the Telesphere VoIP solution:

Telesphere offers a customized VoIP business solution for every business. Telesphere can provide complete voice and data solutions, from connections to hardware, to service & monitoring, or supplement your existing telecom solution with the latest in advanced telecom features.

Telesphere VoIP Features

  • No upfront capital costs
  • Single provider with 24/7 live support
  • Private, dedicated, secure VoIP connection
  • Nationwide IP MPLS network reach
  • Straightforward flat-rate per-seat pricing

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telesphere voip

Telesphere offers a complete range of Hosted Business VoIP services, including Hosted PBX VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications and much more… if your have VoIP questions about how your business can start saving money, then IP5280 may be an option for you.  HCWT and Telesphere are the Hosted VoIP specialists for your business.  We deliver one of the most robust Quality-of-Service enabled Business VoIP service platforms available in the US today.

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Hosted VoIP is an advanced technology that allows your business to have phone service without the phone system. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a PBX phone system that sits in your office, you connect to a powerful nationwide platform hosted by Telesphere. With hosted VoIP, you can resign the hassles of confusing phone systems and multiple vendors to history, giving you time and capital to focus on the future of your business.