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Hi Country offers a complete range of Hosted Business VoIP services, including Hosted PBX VoIP, SIP Trunking, Unified Communications and much more.  HCWT is the Hosted VoIP specialists for your business.  We deliver one of the most robust Quality-of-Service enabled Business VoIP service platforms available in the US today.

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ShoreTel Connect Hybrid


High Country has been a leading player in the ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Field Trials and are ready to design, implement, and support your ShoreTel Connect Hybrid solution.

What communications system do you choose when you need some of the features that an onsite phone solution offers, but you also need some of the cloud features?  What do you choose when you have various office locations both large and small?  Or perhaps, you have office locations in different countries?  These present big challenges when choosing a system that meets your business needs.

HCWT understands that some companies need both the cloud and an onsite solution.  One solution does not always meet a company’s business needs, so, we offer a custom hybrid solution to offer you the best of both the cloud and the onsite solution.

Some possible business scenarios:

  • A company has offices in Los Angeles and wants to leverage the advantages of a cloud solution in Los Angeles and their multiple locations across the United States, but has an office in Germany which would not be on the same cloud. A cloud only solution does not work for this company.  By choosing the hybrid solution this company can leverage the benefits of the cloud in the United States offices and use the on premise solution in their German office keeping the capital investment cost low and allowing for future growth in their United States offices.
  • A company has multiple office locations. One of the offices is in a location with a poor internet connection.  The company wants to leverage the benefits of the cloud solution, but it will not work in the one location due to internet connection.  This company can choose a hybrid solution which will allow them to have the cloud solution for all offices, but use the onsite solution in a single location.  This means low capital investment cost for this company and the hybrid solution will grow as the company grows.
  • A company has multiple small office locations that they want to be on the cloud solution, but one very large office which is too big for the cloud. Only the onsite solution will work for this large office.  This company can take advantage of a hybrid solution in the one location which keeps initial investment costs low and allows the company to leverage the advantages of the cloud.

Hybrid phone solutions features include:


  • Premium managed phone system offering both private and public cloud connectivity for ultimate choice and flexibility.
  • End-users manage voicemail, address book and personalized call handling settings via an easy-to-use web portal.
  • Managers use the web portal to administer moves/adds/changes, access the visual call flow editor, and monitor account activity.
  • End-user support provided by HCWT so you don’t have to; help is only a button away.
  • Contact center functionality is bundled with the phone service—there’s no need to buy separate technology.
  • Additional feature integrations include on-demand conference calling, click-to-dial, call recording, phone campaign analysis, call barging, hunt and ring groups and more.


  • Centralized or distributed – Customers can leverage the IP PBX deployment model that best suits their specific IT environment.
  • An intuitive browser-based administrative interface, your IT staff can maintain the system from anywhere on the network.
  • Allows users to use VoIP phones, mobile phones, or any phone connected to the public phone network as if it were their own extension, enabling them to work when, where, and how they want.
  • A unique on-site, appliance-based, IP PBX platform with no single point of failure.
  • Our total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis tool can show you why HCWT’S onsite IP PBX phone system offers the lowest TCO in the industry.

There are many benefits for a business owner in choosing a hybrid phone system.

  • Flexibility: A hybrid system does not require you to take an “all or nothing” approach when deploying VoIP technologies.  The system can work with existing infrastructures, become a pure IP solution, an all-digital system or a combination of both.
  • VoIP Advantages: Being able to deploy VoIP only where it makes sense lets you take advantage of all of the cost savings associated with VoIP without making a costly investment in a “pure” IP solution.

Choosing a hybrid system combines the best of two delivery method: a hybrid cloud communications platform that delivers resiliency, control and availability of an onsite “hardware-based” phone system with the immediacy, easy and flexibility of PBX applications delivered from the cloud.  Get the best of both worlds with assistance from High Country Workplace Technologies, contact us today at 303-467-5504.

Telesphere VoIP Hosted PBX

telesphere voip hosted pbx

Free your business from the hassle of confusing communications hardware and costly maintenance with a cloud-based solution from Telesphere. From fully hosted PBX technology to private SIP trunking through an existing PBX solution, Telesphere has a dynamic communications solution for businesses of any size. Here is a video that describes the tremendous benefits of the Telesphere VoIP solution:

Telesphere offers a customized VoIP business solution for every business. Telesphere can provide complete voice and data solutions, from connections to hardware, to service & monitoring, or supplement your existing telecom solution with the latest in advanced telecom features.

Telesphere VoIP Features

  • No upfront capital costs
  • Single provider with 24/7 live support
  • Private, dedicated, secure VoIP connection
  • Nationwide IP MPLS network reach
  • Straightforward flat-rate per-seat pricing

Telesphere VoIP References

ShoreTel Connect Cloud


ShoreTel have announced new ERATE pricing for education.  Don’t miss on your opportunity to get a best in class cloud PBX solution and at a lower cost. To compete in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing corporate world, businesses must deliver excellent customer support with around the clock call availability.  In addition, the workforce has become more remote and the need to have a communications solution that can be leveraged across locations has become increasingly important.

More and more businesses are choosing a cloud based phone solution which is also known as a hosted PBX phone system.  This is a fully managed enterprise grade PBX phone system utilizing cloud-based technology to connect your business.  You are able to communicate over broadband internet without the need for traditional phone lines or equipment thereby saving your company expensive up-front costs.

With a cloud based technology phone system, all you need is a single telephone number, even if your employees are distributed in multiple locations geographically.  This enables your employees to respond to customers, vendors and others any time of day and from anywhere in the world.

Some of the great features include:

  • Mobility: The ability to get calls on your office number and mobile phones.
  • Message Management: Employees are able to manage messages and voice mails from their customers without any delay.
  • Call Forwarding: The ability to forward incoming calls to different numbers can ensure each and every call is answered during peak periods and emergencies.
  • Collaboration: Instant messaging, voice chat, video chat and the ability to share a desktop make it easy for your team to deliver high quality customer service.

Cloud Based Phone Solutions Benefits:

  • Lower costs: Since the phone system is cloud based, there is no need to incur up-front hardware and installation.  In addition, there is no need to involve IT support to maintain the system.
  • Multiple locations, scalability: For a business with multiple locations, a cloud based phone solution enables employees to stay connected to customers and each other on the same phone system.  This allows companies to have one phone bill to pay, seamlessly transfer calls between locations, easily add new lines and extensions and add new locations.
  • Mobility: A cloud phone system integrates with mobile devices allowing your employees to communicate with each other and the customer.  Not only can they make work calls, but they are also able to text.
  • Management: It is easy to manage a cloud phone system through a web browser from any location.  Your employees are able to handle rules, users, and remote details can be changed or updated easily.  You can also accurately monitor your bill with the ability to drill down into the finer details of each costs.
  • Feature-rich: Regardless of the size of your business, you will have access to a host of features (call diverting, call logs, conference calling and auto attendant ) often too costly with standard phone systems.

Choosing a cloud based phone system helps a business gain a competitive edge with improved employee productivity, better customer service and lower IT costs.  Contact High Country Workplace Technologies in Colorado at 303-467-5504 today to move to the cloud.


Comcast VoIP VoiceEdge for Business

If you already have Comcast Business class internet service or you are evaluating your phone service options then Comcast VoIP VoiceEdge hosted  solution should seriously be considered.    The Comcast VoIP VoiceEdge solution offers competitive service features at a very competitive price.   Please watch this video for a more thorough view.


Comcast VoIP Overview

Whether you are a business of 5 or 1000, single location or multiple, Business VoiceEdge™ from Comcast lets you focus on your business and not your business communications with a fully managed voice solution that saves you time and avoids capital expenditure. – See more at:

Comcast VoIP Plans and Pricing

Comcast VoIP Included Features

The Business VoiceEdge service is price based on the number of telephone lines and then the number of phones used on each line.
Local Number Porting for keeping existing telephone numbers

  • Unlimited inbound, local, and long distance calling
  • Directory Listing
  • Caller ID
  • 911/411/711 calling support
  • HD Voice

– See more at:

Comcast VoIP

ShoreTel Sky hosted cloud based Unified Communications


ShoreTel Sky is the only all-in-one cloud solution, from the phones and PBX capabilities to implementation and support — giving you a brilliantly simple solution.  They are so convinced they are the right hosted VoIP solution for you they provide full transparency on the status of their network.

>>  ShoreTel VoIP Status

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ShoreTel Sky are voice specialists.  They provide lots of business phone products and services to support voice, but our cloud-based phone system is at the heart of what they do. Easy to install and easy to use, our cloud phone system is available wherever you are.

Most service providers utilize core technology that is developed and maintained by a third party.  ShoreTelSky started this way, but their clients wanted more, so they launched our own hosted platform in the cloud.  The ShoreTel Sky cloud phone system, Call Conductor is the key to their solution and is engineered to be the most reliable hosted phone system on the planet

ShoreTel Sky is a brilliantly simple business phone system and unified communications solution. Whether you need just a basic office telephone system for a single location, or sophisticated call center software that supports agents all across the country, we have a set of cloud-based products to meet your needs. Our advantage comes from combining our own hosted, managed, business phone system software with expert professionals focused on your success.

Our customers enjoy a phone system experience that they love.  We asked them what sets the ShoreTel Sky solution apart and they said:

  • Getting Started – We make transitioning your company to our phone system painless
  • Simplified Management – Our clients want to be out of the phone business.  We make that happen
  • Customer Service and Transparency – Reach out support team directly with the press of a button
  • Call Quality – Perfect calls beyond the dial tone
  • Integration – Easy integration with core business applications, like your CRM

The ShoreTel Sky business phone solution starts with our world-class cloud based phone system and includes all of the  office phone functionality you would expect. To it, clients can add any number of additional services to meet their specific voice and communications needs.   We built our VoIP telephony system from the ground up to offer world-class voice solutions in the cloud.  As a result, our customers enjoy the enhanced flexibility, sociability, and reliability of using a hosted communications solution.

Business Phone System Overview

Sometimes people ask if our other services can be used without our phone system.  The answer is no for very good reasons.  We believe that voice is the heart of business communications and a world-class phone system is the starting point for any communications solution.  We also know that unified communications applications, contact center solutions and application integration work best for businesses when they are thoroughly unified with the core business phone system.

Next Generation Phone Systems for Today’s Business

More and more businesses are moving their applications and processes to the cloud. Business telephone systems are no different from those other applications.  Companies realize the benefits and simplicity of moving their communications to a hosted provider. Serving the hosted market since 2000, we provide an experience and quality that our customers love.  But beyond just providing great quality and simplicity, our advanced services for business phone systems further stand apart from other VoIP providers thanks to our rich business intelligence applications and our wide range of UC solutions; including:

  • ShoreTel Sky Mobility – Make and take business calls on your smartphone
  • ShoreTel Sky Communicator – Easily chat, share and connect with colleagues
  • ShoreTel Sky Softphone – Work from anywhere without a handset
  • ShoreTel Sky Scribe – Read your voicemail

So Where to Start?

If you are like most people, you don’t buy a new business telephone system every day.  We know that choosing the right business phone service provider is often confusing and difficult. We recommend that you explore four key parts of any solution you consider:

  1. The Phone System – Begin by exploring our Cloud Phone System.  You’ll learn about Call Conductor, the hosted, managed VoIP software at the heart of our office phone solution.  Remember, the best solutions provide more than just reliable quality voice service, they also offer advanced intelligence so that your phone system can help run your business.
  2. The Solution ProviderVoIP vendor selection is even more important in the cloud. We’d love to tell you about the ShoreTel Sky experience.
  3. Unified Communications – Modern business phone systems do not have to stand alone.  They work with a variety of unified communications tools and services to help your team be more responsive and make life easier for remote and mobile workers.
  4. Application Integration – If voice is a critical part of your business, your voice solution should integrate with your key business applications.  Our powerful, yet easy to use tools make this a snap,often without any additional cost.

ShoreTel Sky hosted Unified Communications


ShoreTel Sky

hosted Unified Communications