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Phone, High Speed Internet, and business connectivity solutions

Here are the carrier services we can provide to you:


Business Voice High Speed Internet Business Data
POTS lines, OPX, DS0 DSL T1, DS3
ISDN T1 or NxT1 solutions Frame, MPLS
T1 / Integrated Access Ethernet Ethernet
SIP trunking DS3, OCx, Gig Wireless, Microwave
Hosted VoIP Wireless Private Fiber Networks
Long Distance

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Windstream Products

Windstream internet and phone

Windstream Internet and Phone

As an authorized Windstream Communications Business Partner we offer a wide array of products and maintenance services at competitive prices.

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Windstream internet and phone: providing the cornerstones of Network Technology Solutions

Security. Efficiency. Performance. Cost-effectiveness. Windstream understands the cornerstones on which any enterprise can build solid operations. Whether dealing with security issues or local needs, we offer proven technology solutions for government and public sector entities, allowing you to deliver even better products to the communities you serve.

Windstream internet and phone: Proven and experienced serving agencies

  • With over 75 years of experience, Windstream serves thousands of enterprises nationwide.
  • Approved GSA contract holder & registered vendor in the CCR
  • Successful service provider for USAC programs such as E-Rate and Rural Healthcare (RHC) with an experienced support team focused solely on these government programs
  • Dedicated, certified, local government sales and support teams providing exceptional service, 24x7x365

Windstream internet and phone: Affordable and customized solutions for the public sector and government, combined with reliable network performance

  • Windstream internet and phone services have a broad range of consultative and customizable solutions, using state-of-the-art technology and products
  • Reliable, resilient long-haul fiber network spanning more than 60,000 route miles
  • Commitment to the highest standard of service
  • Experienced, knowledgeable consultants providing round-the-clock support

Windstream internet and phone service helps public agencies of all sizes and missions meet challenges such as:

  • Protecting critical infrastructure, information and key assets
  • Meeting homeland security requirements
  • Optimizing internal and external communications
  • Improving service delivery to the public, businesses and trading partners
  • Keeping government services functional and citizens protected during emergencies

As a GSA vendor, Windstream is pre-approved to provide Windstream internet and phone solutions to any government or public sector office. Learn more about Windstream Government Solutions and GSA Contracts.

Learn more about Windstream internet and phone technology solutions for all enterprises including:

You can also access Windstream technical support and repair at 1-877-340-2555
or email

Windstream internet and phone


Mobile Carrier Services

SIP Trunking


SIP trunking is quickly taking over as the preferred configuration for small and large businesses, government, and educational entities to receive both their internet and voice services.   SIP trunks can interface with both IP and Traditional TDM pbx systems since they can be configured with a traditional T1 handoff.   However, a native SIP handoff is the optimal and is the least expensive configuration.  Some IP PBX systems do not charge a license fee for each of the SIP trunks connected to a system.

Government and Educational entities with fluctuating call traffic are quickly taking hold of this new technology, which allows for a baseline number of trunks with a burstable capability.



AireSpring offer very competitive service and rates on PRI T1, SIP Trunking, long distance, and dynamic T1 services.

AireSpring is the ultimate telecommunications carrier for companies seeking business tested Local, Long Distance, Internet, Conferencing, and SIP/VoIP products at industry leading low rates. Award winning AireSpring is debt free and customer focused. If reliable voice and data are critical to the success of your business demand AireSpring!


1.800.825.1055 – AireSpring Customer Service

Private Fiber Networks

Private Fiber Networks

private fiber networks

Hi Country specializes in assembling and providing private fiber networks in many U.S. metropolitan networks.

Here is a subset of fiber network maps we have one file:

Private Fiber Networks

 Baltimore Dallas Denver
Illinois Indianopolis Memphis
Minnesota New York Ohio
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Phoenix
Spokane Virginia Washington state
Washington D.C.

Private Fiber Networks

LEVEL(3) Products and Services

Level(3) – Powerful Reach. Powerful Connection.

LEVEL(3) Communications provides business voice service, voice T1, VoIP, integrated T1, DS1 and fiber (DS3, OCx) data networking products, and long distance in select metro service areas in the U.S. LEVEL(3) is the best choice for corporations that have between 50 to 5,000 desktops.

They offer a reliable set of services with leading network performance, guarantees, and customer service. LEVEL(3) develops custom communications solutions for business, government, and educational enterprises that need to protect their assets. LEVEL(3) Communications primary markets are:

  •  Integrated Access dyanmic T1
      • Dynamically Allocated
      • PRI, CAS, Analog, or SIP handoff
      • nxT1 configuraions 
      • Mobility options
  • Voice T1’s (PRI, DSS), Private Line T1, DS3, OCx 
  • Frame Relay, VPN, VoIP, Internet Access
  • Long Distance, 1-800, Calling Card, & conferencing


– Level(3) customer service

LEVEL(3) Downloads:



CenturyLink – Voice and Data Services Overview:


CenturyLink are the “in-region” local exchange carrier in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho but also provides long distance, data, and VoIP services nation-wide (“out-of-region”). As a Qwest Business Partner since 1986 we have the experience to eliminate the headache and complexity of assembling voice, network, and internet connectivity. Our sale representatives and project coordinators are the best.

Business Solutions HCWT provides via CenturyLink:

  • Phone lines, POTS, Voice T1’s (PRI, DSS), Private Line T1, DS3, OC3, OC192
  • DSL, LSS, ATM, Frame Relay, MPLS, VPN, VoIP Oneflex, Internet Access, Internet Port
  • Long Distance, World Card, Calling Card
1.800.845.6780 – Order new or upgrade existing business services
1.877.878.7543 – Integrated Access Help Desk
1.888.795.0420 – Internet Test and Activation
1.877.886.6515 – IP Service
1.800.223.7508 – CenturyLink Business repair
1.800.227.2218 – CenturyLink CPE Router Repair
1.800-357.0911 – CenturyLink 911 repair
1.877.663.6342 – CenturyLink  DSL repair
1.800.578.9395 – Toll Free Repair

CenturyLink Download Center:

Comcast Business Internet & Network Services

Comcast Business Class Internet and Phone Service

HCWT is proud to be one of the channel programs associated as a Comcast Business Class Solutions Provider.

Comcast is the largest cable operator with more than $35 billion in revenue. Comcast owns and operates a nationwide network that’s diverse and independent from the ILECs/CLECs. During the initial launch, as a Comcast Solutions Provider, TBI will offer Business Class Internet, Voice, PRI Trunks, TV and bundle packages which include Internet security, web hosting and Cloud Services from Microsoft®.

Comcast has also added Business Class Ethernet to available products for the channel.

Inexpensive comcast internet can be a great way to diversify your network and add more bandwidth.

Comcast VoIP VoiceEdge for Business

If you already have Comcast Business class internet service or you are evaluating your phone service options then Comcast VoIP VoiceEdge hosted  solution should seriously be considered.    The Comcast VoIP VoiceEdge solution offers competitive service features at a very competitive price.   Please watch this video for a more thorough view.


Comcast VoIP Overview

Whether you are a business of 5 or 1000, single location or multiple, Business VoiceEdge™ from Comcast lets you focus on your business and not your business communications with a fully managed voice solution that saves you time and avoids capital expenditure. – See more at:

Comcast VoIP Plans and Pricing

Comcast VoIP Included Features

The Business VoiceEdge service is price based on the number of telephone lines and then the number of phones used on each line.
Local Number Porting for keeping existing telephone numbers

  • Unlimited inbound, local, and long distance calling
  • Directory Listing
  • Caller ID
  • 911/411/711 calling support
  • HD Voice

– See more at:

Comcast VoIP